Mason Bees 

Mason Bees

Welcome to our new site about mason bees.

Much has already been written about mason bees and we have no desire to re-tell the mason bee story. Our goal is quite simpleā€¦..we want to provide a beginning point and links, for those seeking information about mason bees, from established professionals whose goal it is to promote the use of mason bees for pollination.

The mason bee (Osmia lignaria) is a gentle, solitary insect that is a beneficial pollinator of tree fruits, some berries and other crops as well and is found throughout most of North America.

The mason bee is non-aggressive and will not sting (female mason bees have a stinger, but rarely use it and male mason bees do not have stingers) unless handled roughly. Quite simply, mason bees provide a great solution to spring pollination needs, and can be kept by every home with only a little maintenance.

As our site grows, we will add links to those individuals and businesses whose goal is to promote the beneficial use of mason bees for pollination purposes. An example of a great and informative mason bee website is Crownbees. So, keep watching and come back often.